Castello di Ama

Daniel Buren

Artista Daniel Buren Castello di Ama

Sulle vigne: punti di vista


[…] The concept of representation often appears at the center of Buren's reflections and creations, because it is through this modality of language that, in tradition, visual art is expressed, and on representation, with all the possible contaminations between truth and false, much of social communication is based.

In Castello di Ama we witness a representation, or rather a device thanks to which something is represented.

A wall twenty-five meters long and two meters high was built in front of one of the buildings in the complex, with the aim of closing the view on the surrounding area, and at the same time opening it up, but according to particular methods. The wall is dotted with square windows, which emphasize the already beautiful landscape of the valley by the very fact of framing it, thus reworking an entire tradition, that of "landscape painting", or even the equally common concept of painting as a "window". open to reality. […]

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