Castello di Ama

Cristina Iglesias

Towards the ground


[…] Located in one of the most secluded courtyards of Castello di Ama, this sculpture, so discreet and natural in its being, almost casual, seems to have always been here.

In the middle of the small courtyard, which opens onto the landscape on one side, a square space cut out in the pavement reveals, below ground level, in the background, a relief, a bronze sculpture - but in reality it is resin - which shows branches arranged neatly almost to form a carpet.

The relief, which is the bottom of the fountain basin, is positioned obliquely with respect to the paved floor of the courtyard, the impression is that the surface of the water continues and extends under the paving, and therefore under our feet: the opening allows you to take a look inside the earth. […]

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