The sustainability of Castello di Ama

The certificate of sustainability

Our eight fatcs about sustainability

1. From an agronomic point of view, Castello di Ama is committed to seeking the best man-nature relationship, always aware that there is no production process that disregards human intervention.

2. Since 2000, as the first winery in our region, we have experimented with and then adopted in our vineyards the practice of sexual confusion, which eliminates the need for the use of insecticides.

3. Castello di Ama, from its foundation to the present day, has always invested a large part of its capital in the continuous renovation of the vineyards, so as to adapt them to scientific and technological progress and avoid external chemical interventions.

4. The decision to invest in land adjacent to the winery and the optimization of agronomic procedures allow a very rapid management of the vineyard and production, thus allowing grapes to arrive at the winery always healthy and ripe that do not require any additional intervention (additives, excessive use of sulfur dioxide, stabilizations or extraordinary clarifications, etc.). 

5. Since the 2018 vintage, we have made the decision to produce our wines with zero residue of synthetic chemical molecules, that is, further below the permitted legal limits. This is achieved by implementing even more scupulous interventions and analysis in vineyard management and defense, precluding extraordinary interventions close to the harvest.

6. Believing in social sustainability, Castello di Ama puts human capital first. The winery currently employs more than 60 people, including the workers who follow the campaign continuously over the years. Castello di Ama, in fact, does not use external contractors. 

7. Every year, the company, through its technicians, evaluates and plans investments in machinery that can modernize the work, enhancing human intervention and overcoming alienation.

8. Adapting to the new standards and sensibility, Castello di Ama is active on researching better management of energy resources. In addition, from the year 2024, the company will be equipped with a photovoltaic system to generate electricity.

The Equalitas certificate

The identity of Castello di Ama has been characterized from the very beginning by a total and determined drive towards improvement, understood as the greatest possible fidelity to the premises of terroir, viticulture and the fundamental but always secondary contribution of Man, and by complete indifference to fashions, whether these be market or trendy.

Thus, starting with the trust in vineyard selections, attested by the first label "Vigneto Bellavista" put on the market with the 1978 vintage, and passing through the tireless investigation of technological innovations that could serve our purpose, the winery quickly arrived in the ranks of the most established realities in the world of quality oenology.

Finally, in 2022, after a great many "small steps" that were never really communicated but were fundamental to our perennial scientific quest toward sustainability, we decided to make our commitment official and certified through the adoption of the Equalitas specification of sustainability of the wine supply chain (SOPD).