Visiting Castello di Ama

Tours and Tastings


The new reception point in Castello di Ama

“The magnificent project by the Aniello/Tasca studio does not use violent tones, it does not want to assert itself with arrogance, but plays a fundamental role: it welcomes the visitor with a place to rest or ask for information, accompanying him into the landscape of Ama." –Lorenza Sebasti

In 2021 we completed the construction of the 'Arca' ("Ark", in Italian), the building we have chosen to house our heritage: the bottles of historic vintages set aside over the last few decades. About eighty thousand Bordeaux-bottles and more than ten thousand large formats find their home in the basement.
The ground floor is the reception room at Castello di Ama. In a space that almost compensates for the rhythms of everyday life, our visitors are received and made participants in the microcosm of Ama. Furthermore, the itineraries for visits to the company spaces start from here.

At the tables placed in the courtyards and on the sofas in the large open space, a proposal of wines by the glass is available to enjoy the magnificent view on Ama's vineyards. Admission is free and reservation is not required.

The 'Arca' is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 6pm


The wineshop in Villa Pianigiani

In the majestic Villa Pianigiani, the heart of the village of Ama in Chianti and soul of the Castello di Ama experience, we have settled our 'Enoteca'. Here the guided tours end and the tastings take place.

It is a space open to the public in which it is possible to discover and purchase a thorough selection of the Great Wines of Castello di Ama together with the creations of Lorenza Sebasti's Atelier.

The Enoteca is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 6pm

The fulcrum of Ama

Since its foundation, Castello di Ama's challenge has always been to produce great wines. But it was never the only one: the goal of Marco Pallanti and Lorenza Sebasti was – and still is – to reveal and transmit the magic of the place. The core of Ama is therefore the experience.

Each guided tour is approximately 1:30h long, and consists of two different and complementary moments.
Each visit will begin with a walk in the village of Ama, from the historical part to the productive one, passing through the world of Contemporary Art, which has always been integrated and organic to the Company. The second part of the experience will consist of the tasting, according to various proposals designed to underline two themes that have always been close to our hearts: territory and continuity.

Visit+Tasting – circa 1h30 – 90€ /person
Journey to Ama

This Visit+Tasting itinerary is designed to condense the entire experience of the wines of Castello di Ama.
At the end of the guided tour of the company spaces, lasting approximately 1 hour, the guests will participate in the tasting which, in our opinion, best represents the essence of the microcosm of Castello di Ama: starting from the immediacy of the "Montebuoni" Riserva, the journey continues with the super Tuscan blend of "haiku" with the aim of preparing the nose, mouth and spirit for the majestic "Castello di Ama San Lorenzo 2015", our most representative 'Chianti Classico Gran Selezione'.

This experience is open to a maximum of 7 people.

Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Riserva

HAIKU 2018
Toscana I.G.T.

Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Gran Selezione


Visit+Tasting – circa 1h30 – 220€ /person
The ark of vintages

This Visit + Tasting itinerary is dedicated to those who want to go and explore the treasures of Castello di Ama: our vineyard selections, whose roots are well planted in the history of our region.
The title takes its name from the building home to our historic vintages: the 'Arca' ("Ark", in Italian). At the end of the guided tour of the company spaces, lasting about 1 hour, the guests will participate in the tasting of a selection of the Great Wines that we have saved from the voracity of the market, allowing them a perfect refinement in our company.

The tasting begins with our most representative 'Chianti Classico Gran Selezione', "Castello di Ama San Lorenzo 2014", next to which it will be possible to compare, in the same vintage, the majestic "L'Apparita 2014", the historic first 100% merlot of Tuscany. The tasting will then enter the heart of our territory with the "Vigneto Bellavista 2011", whose first vintage dates back to 1978, and the "Vigneto La Casuccia 2006": two memorable vintages for two masterful wines.

This experience is open to a maximum of 5 people.

Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Gran Selezione

Toscana I.G.T.

Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Gran Selezione

Chianti Classico D.O.C.G.


Informations and contacts

An important ingredient of Ama’s “recipe” is calm. It will always be possible to walk freely through the Borgo, resting to enjoy the wonderful views of the Chianti hills.

In order to allow us to maintain a punctual and personal service, we require the reservation for visits+tasting.

Phone: +39 0577 746069