Castello di Ama

Carlos Garaicoa

Yo no quiero ver mas
a mis vecinos


[…] Here in Tuscany, in a landscape steeped in history and culture, a place of meeting and production of ideas, stories and images, Carlos Garaicoa re-proposes some of these walls, new and ancient, in a reduced format which, if desired, allows us to easily overcome them (almost inviting us to think that every limit was built to push us to overcome it), but that nevertheless they impose themselves with their presence and with the strength of the motivations that created them. Such is human nature and the imposing constructions, reproduced here, are ready to testify to it.

Those same vestiges, once they have lost their original function and the blood shed to defend or cross them has been forgotten, become tourist places, like Hadrian's Wall, the Great Wall of China or the Berlin Wall itself. From instruments of division they are transformed into founding elements of our culture.

Carlos would probably like to instill in us the doubt that even culture itself is nourished by a partly aggressive and partly peaceful process and communication between people. […]

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