Visiting Castello di Ama

The hospitality

Tours and Tastings

Due to its intimacy, Ama is a place that touches each of us directly, without the need for mediation. We therefore decided to leave the word to our village and our wines, accompanying you on visits+tasting inspired by the themes we feel closest to.

The Ristoro of Villa Pianigiani

Since we opened the Ristoro di Ama, we have always been sure that we did not want to create a ‘restaurant’. Since wine is conviviality, the space of Villa Pianigiani had to be the arrival point of the Ama experience.

The Suites in Villa Ricucci

Walking around Ama is always an emotion. But waking up with the sun peeking out and illuminating the San Lorenzo Valley is a dream experience. Fortunately, in the eighteenth-century Villa Ricucci we have cut out five suites that can make it a reality.


For years, Lorenza Sebasti has assiduously cultivated one of Ama's great strengths: being able to attract precious and unique people. The Atelier was born as a dome under which to enclose the handicraft products of our Friends, signed by Castello di Ama.